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All Idea Pro Work is Designed and Developed Exclusively in The UNITED STATES.

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WordPress Tutorial Plugin Part 4 - Adding data to the database

Video Showcase

WordPress Tutorial Plugin Part 4 - Adding data to the database

Our videos are sometimes tutorial videos, client videos, interview videos or sometimes a client commercial we have produced.

A Unique Website Design

A website design and structure should be developed around the needs of the business, product or content that you are providing. We design a custom website based off of the information we acquire during the free strategy session and consultation. First of all, We start out by determining the product or service that complements your company, is the easiest to sell, provides the most profit or what you just enjoy doing the most.

Target Audience

Finding your target audience is very important before the design stage of the website begins. Who does your website need to target? A website can target a certain age group and gender, or certain geographic area. The website can even be designed to target business to business or business to customer. Ease of use is important so we use User Testing to determine if the site is easy to use.

Website Development based on Keywords

What is a website without traffic? Our strategy when finding your target audience is to get your website in front of that audience. Keyword research gives us the information we need so that we understand what people are searching for and optimize your website for those keywords. As a result, the quality of traffic to your site improves.

WordPress Design & WordPress Development

We use WordPress as the foundation for your website design. The WordPress platform provides stability, ease of use and is one of the most used platforms on the internet. We develop a custom WordPress Theme for your site and use the latest version of WordPress and the latest WordPress technology to keep your site up-to-date. Therefore providing your website with the best security and performance and giving you the ability to make changes to pages and posts.

Website Development with Great Performance

The window of keeping someone on your website is small.. If your website loads slow or performs poorly, you are potentially going to lose that visitor. We feel load time is one of the most important aspects of a good user experience. Our website design and development perform in the top 95% using the Google Page Speed Insight Tool.

Website Marketing

Finally, we take your website to the next level using Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Messaging and Video technology. Messaging is what you are saying to your customer, Social Media is building your brand and Video Production gives your viewers an alternative to the text on the page or allows you to express who you are.
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